I’m reviving an old music blog at the end of 2021?

Maybe it’s foolish, and maybe I’m the only one who misses the blog ol’ days, but I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ll be working on restoring some of the old content, though much of it was lost. If there’s interest, I’ll try to figure out how to safely share some of the old remix sunday archives.

For now though, you can find all the label’s releases here, on bandcamp, or anywhere you listen to music these days. I’ve also still got copies of some of the old vinyl releases, and I’m planning a set of charitable cassette compilations to raise awareness about the continued [mis]use of broken windows policing methods.

Plus I’ve put together a playlists section with a handful of spotify lists that hopefully start to capture a [slightly] updated version of the moods we used to peddle. Give those a listen and a ❤ if you would be so kind. If people want me to put together soundcloud playlists, or something else, give me a holler.

– Haldan/Boody

  • inc. – The Place

    inc. – “The Place”
    Inc. – “Black Wings”

    I feel like we been here before.

  • Mykki Blanco – Haze.Boogie.Life

    Mykki Blanco – “Haze.Boogie.Life”
    Mykki Blanco – “Wavvy”

    Roll the dice, see what I can s/lay.

  • Lady – Pussy Be Yankin

    The feeling be strong.

    Lady – “Pussy Be Yankin” (sp)

  • Zhala – Slippin Around

    Zhala – “Slippin Around”

    Zhala is, and has been for some time, one of the greatest lurking talents in Sweden, which is saying plenty, given how full of musical genius that country is. I was lucky enough to share a stage with her and Shamoun (an equally exciting character) at the Gagnef/Skankaloss festival a few summers ago, and they put on a very impressive show. It was no easy act to follow, no way. Fast forward a few years, and here she is again, better than ever, and seemingly ready to take over.

  • This Bitch Is Alive!

    The Carry Nation – “This Bitch Is Alive” (ft. Viva Ruiz)

    NYC’s gift to the children of clubland. The Carry Nation “This Bitch Is Alive” ft. Viva Ruiz is out now on Batty Bass. Remixes from Bubba, Gavin Russom, Sveta & Tokoloshe, & Johnny Dynell. Feel HUH—Ooh QURN!?

  • Udachi – Put Down De Bong

    Lots of love to Palms Out fam Udachi. <3 <3 <3

    Listen to the full 6+ minutes below…

    Udachi – “Put Down De Bong” (sc)

    From the future: our old friend Udachi just released a set of 30 demos on his bandcamp: Lost in Time (Demos for TikTok Demons)

  • Le1f – Mind Body (Produced by Boody)

    One of the two tracks I produced for Le1f’s Dark York mixtape/LP, “Mind Body” just premiered on pitchfork and fader. I wanted to share it with you all as well. Watch out for Dark York out 4/15 on Greedhead (Heems from Das Racist’s label) in collaboration with our new sister label, headed up by Le1f himself, Camp & Street.

    Le1f – “Mind Body” (Produced by Boody) (sc)

  • Marcus Price – Continental Skank

    Our dear friend Marcus Price just dropped a crazy fun EP for our friends over at Discobelle. The strength of the title track alone is enough to grab this release, but the b-sides and the Richelle remix make it just plain necessary.

    Marcus Price – “Hector Riddim” (sc)





    From the future: they’re no longer on the facebook.

  • Canblaster & Julius Sylvest – “ReadY”

    Fresh off a stint at the Red Bull Music Academy, Palms Out’s own Julius Sylvest faces off with Canblaster to create a song that’s french romance meets guarachero chip tune.

    Canblaster & Julius Sylvest – “ReadY” (sc)

  • Staygold – Rain On Our Parade

    Staygold – “Wallpaper” ft. Style of Eye & Pow

    This record is finally being released after more than a long time coming. I can’t wait til it’s finally properly released so I’m not the only one raving about them all the time. Sleeping is for cats, people.

    Staygold – “Backseat” ft. Spank Rock, Damien Adore, Lady Tigra (sc)

    From the future: this record left off my absolute favorite song, maybe for good reason. I’m sharing it now.

    Staygold – “Roxanne Shante’s Smile” ft. Mapei (mp3)

  • New Hots Hots 6

    Cristian Dinamarca – “Video Boy” (sc)

    Dekker – “Stop” (sc)

    Sonora – “La Isla Bonita” (sc)

  • Main Attrakionz – Swaggin Hard

    + My favorite from the album:

    Main Attrakionz – “I Gotta Youngin Doe” (bc)

    Download the album, Chandelier, on bandcamp.

  • Goitia Deitz – Speaking In Code

    Check the stunning new video for Goitia Deitz‘s “Speaking In Code”, directed by Kyle Moriwaki.

    Also stream their newest mix: “T H R E A D S”

    From the future: miss you Ben.

  • Boody – Guap

    I wrote this song for the Iswayski Says Ur Good Bread compilation out now on Dutty Artz.

    Boody – “Guap” (sc)

    Grab a free download over on XLR8R

  • Frite Nite – Surreal Estate

    The San Francisco based label Frite Nite has just released the 13th installment in their catalog, a compilation of tracks carefully selected and mixed by the Bay Area’s own Ana Sia. Surreal Estate is a “collection of tribal-influenced space dance grooves, progressive footwork, modern electro funk, and UK-centric dubstep rhythms” that transcend space and time as well as modern perceptions of the American bass scene. Stream the whole release on bandcamp after the jump.


  • Boody & Le1f – Born Underwater

    Boody & Le1f – “Born Underwater” (sc)

    Boody & Le1f – Liquid 12″ available now on Boysnoize Records (buy it on phonica)

  • Visionist / Lorca

    Visionist’s side of this EP, “W.M.I.D” begins with an 808 and an insisting little vocal bit that keeps telling us this is “what must I do.” Enter some well placed cowbells, and you’ve got something really solid.

    Lorca’s side is a bit more relaxed. It feels like you are stuck in a deep dark forest. Really strong work from both Visionist and Lorca on this record.

  • Worthy & Eats Everything – Tric Trac

    Worthy & Eats Everything – “Tric Trac” (sc)

  • Shystie – Blue Magic

    Shystie – “Blue Magic” ft. Double S & JME

    Years after she made waves with her response track to Dizzee’s “I Luv U”, Shystie is as vital as ever. Just a few months after her last mixtape she is back with another monster, presented by the Pirates.

    From the future: anyone still have this mixtape? It was free when it came out, but I can’t find it anywhere.