I revived an old music blog at the end of 2021?

Maybe it’s been a foolish endeavor, and maybe I’m the only one who misses the blog ol’ days, but I’ve been giving it a shot. I’ve been working on restoring some of the old content, though much of it was lost. I’ve slowly been rebuilding the old remix sunday archives, and even posting the occasional new edition. And I’ve been writing again.

You can find all the label’s releases here, on bandcamp, or most anywhere you listen to music these days. I’ve still got copies of some of the old vinyl releases, and I recently released the first in a set of charitable cassette compilations to raise awareness about the continued [mis]use of broken windows policing methods.

Plus, I put together a playlists section with a handful of spotify lists that hopefully start to capture a [slightly] updated version of the moods we used to peddle. Give those a listen and a ❤ if you would be so kind. If you want to get in touch, just give me a holler.

– Haldan/Boody

  • Mailbox: Mattr – Gaija

    More shimmering midtempo electronica from London-based Mattr (real name Matthew Clugston) who I covered about a year back. At the time, I postulated that Clugston’s prolific output in the years previous must have been a result of all the extra time afforded by lockdown. I need to admit now that assumption was almost certainly wrong. In the year since wrote that, Clugston has had no fewer than seven solo releases, and a handful of remixes (including an lovely official remix for Max Cooper) — the fella is just extremely productive. And the quality of the music is all really high.

    These two just came out on Clugston’s own imprint, Loft & Sound. Grab them on bandcamp, or stream them wherever.

    Mattr — “Gaija” (sc)

    Mattr — “Eno” (sc)

  • Mailbox: Mattr – Lex

    Lightfooted cut of midtempo electronica from Birmingham-born, London-based Mattr, real name Matthew Clugston. The track he sent over, “Lex”, is a really lovely song, but perhaps most striking is what consistent and plentiful output Clugston has had over the past couple of years. This may be projecting, but he seems to be one of those producers who really took advantage of the 2 years indoors and decided to finish a few dozen of the tracks he had sitting in his draft folders. (And look, as a producer who didn’t do that, to each their own, pandemic was/is pandemic. But power to those who made the most of it creatively.)

    In addition to the new one he sent over, I’ve picked out a couple of others from various releases he had this year. Grab them all on his bandcamp, or stream your dreams away.

    Mattr – “Lex” (sc)

    Mattr – “Whol” (sc)

    Mattr – “Lando” (sc)

  • From the Mailbox 17

    I’ve posted about Mattr (aka Matthew Clugston) a few times, and I like each track he puts out more than the last. This is one is no different. Intricate and elegant electronica; all whispers, gauze, and pearls. This is from his forthcoming album, due out May 31st. It’s out now on bandcamp and for streaming, but Clugston has kindly offered it for free download below.

    Mattr – “Cholia” (mp3)

    More exquisitely delicate electronica, this time from San Diego-based Blaine Counter, aka Graffick. I’ve previously posted a couple of his other singles, which were both propulsive and drummy affairs. He’s back now with something more contemplative, a lush nighttime hike up Cuyamaca Peak. Heavenly stuff. From his upcoming LP, Spectra, out later this year. No bandcamp for this, but you can find it streaming, and Counter has generously allowed me to share the mp3 with you below.

    Graffick – “Messages / In the Wake” (mp3)

    In a nod to their heritage, Hanover-based duo pølaroit recorded a massive organ in a local church, holding chords and simultaneously pulling the organ stops, gradually filling its pipes with air until the organ’s sound had swelled immense. These recordings were incorporated into this nice bit of warm and gentle piano-driven house. No bandcamp for this unfortunately, but you can catch it on any of the streamers.

    pølaroit – “The Organ, Pt. 1” (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 30

    Tyler, The Creator – “WHAT A DAY” (prod. Madlib) (sc)

    Luke RV – “Great Advice”

    Mattr – “Eno” (sc)

  • From the Mailbox 7

    Epic exuberance from Oslo’s Future Daughter, a trio that has previously released on old Palms Out fav, Ben Aqua’s #FEELINGS label. This one is out on wonderfully named Oslo label Kropp uten Grenser (“Body without Borders”). I don’t mean to reduce a country and its music to its most clichéd characteristics, but listening to this, I can absolutely imagine myself standing at the edge of a cliff overlooking Aurlandsfjord ready to embrace life with both arms. Grab this on bandcamp now, and stay tuned for the upcoming LP Mythic Rues, out later this year.

    Future Daughter – “Tronada” (sc)

    Perfectly harmonious and blissful ambient explorations from Austin’s Six Missing (real name TJ Dumser), in collaboration with avant-garde clarinetist Ruby Lulham, aka Clariloops. Where the last song had me imagining myself in the most epic of settings, this song is where you go after descending the summit, cozy under a blanket in front of a fire with your people. Grab this on bandcamp, or stream it all over — and check Dumser’s bandcamp for another beautiful collaboration with Lulham.

    Six Missing & Clariloops – “Balloons” (sc)

    Another gorgeous piece of delicate electronica from Birmingham-born Matthew Clugston, aka Mattr. I’ve covered Clugston a couple of times before, and his work becomes more refined with each release, this one sharpened nearly to a needle point. In addition to a knack for musical precision, he’s been doing some great animation work using SDXL and AnimatedDiff, most of which you can find on his instagram. This is out now on bandcamp and for streaming, but he’s also been generous to let me share with you all the mp3.

    Mattr – “Llam” (mp3)