Mailbox: Mattr – Gaija

More shimmering midtempo electronica from London-based Mattr (real name Matthew Clugston) who I covered about a year back. At the time, I postulated that Clugston’s prolific output in the years previous must have been a result of all the extra time afforded by lockdown. I need to admit now that assumption was almost certainly wrong. In the year since wrote that, Clugston has had no fewer than seven solo releases, and a handful of remixes (including an lovely official remix for Max Cooper) — the fella is just extremely productive. And the quality of the music is all really high.

These two just came out on Clugston’s own imprint, Loft & Sound. Grab them on bandcamp, or stream them wherever.

Mattr — “Gaija” (sc)

Mattr — “Eno” (sc)


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