I’m reviving an old music blog at the end of 2021?

Maybe it’s foolish, and maybe I’m the only one who misses the blog ol’ days, but I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ll be working on restoring some of the old content, though much of it was lost. If there’s interest, I’ll try to figure out how to safely share some more of the old remix sunday archives.

For now though, you can find all the label’s releases here, on bandcamp, or anywhere you listen to music these days. I’ve also still got copies of some of the old vinyl releases, and I’ve just released the first in a set of charitable cassette compilations to raise awareness about the continued [mis]use of broken windows policing methods.

Plus I’ve put together a playlists section with a handful of spotify lists that hopefully start to capture a [slightly] updated version of the moods we used to peddle. Give those a listen and a ❤ if you would be so kind. If people want me to put together soundcloud playlists, or something else, give me a holler.

– Haldan/Boody

Thodén – This Codified Drift
Thodén – This Codified Drift

It was then, floating in the passivity of induced consumption, in which it became clear that this functional mechanism of time was but a codified drift. With our particular indifference to an imposed rationality, all semblance of alterity had been lost [...]

Remix Sunday 160
Remix Sunday 160

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
– Steven Wright

Kahvi Collective – Tangents
Kahvi Collective – Tangents

I remember in the Napster and Limewire days how often I’d find tracks that were mislabeled in order to mislead people into thinking they’d stumbled across the long lost Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin song, or whatever, and how hard my young ears would have to work to discern if these were in fact […]

Remix Sunday 159
Remix Sunday 159

Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.
– Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot)

Donna Missal – (to me) your face is love
Donna Missal – (to me) your face is love

Donna Missal, who recently put out the best work of her career – an excellent EP produced by Sega Bodega – was dropped by Harvest/UMG shortly after the EP’s release. Subsequently, she posted to twitter a good encapsulation of how preexisting economic privilege is often the most potent ingredient for music industry success: Nepotism and […]

Remix Sunday 158
Remix Sunday 158

Empathy–not squishy self-serving conflict avoidance–is the hand-maiden, not the enemy, of reason and intellectual inquiry.
– Ta-Nehisi Coates

Past Palms – Ambient Music for Watering Plants
Past Palms – Ambient Music for Watering Plants

Past Palms is an artist from Richmond, VA. Each song from Ambient Music for Watering Plants focuses on one typical tropical houseplant, in hopes of capturing the simple serenity of watering that life “while living in a gray, nature-less city”, as the artist describes their project. An ode to Eno’s Music For Airports, the substitute […]

House of Venus – Dish & Tell (Bitch Mix)
House of Venus – Dish & Tell (Bitch Mix)

Venus absorbs and tempers the masculine essence, uniting the masculine and feminine in mutual affection. She is assimilative and benign, born of sea foam, a charm, a magic philtre. You’ve no doubt heard this Loleatta Holloway-sampling 1990 classic by the polyonymous Dutch trio composed of Eddy de Clercq, Gert van Veen, and Erik van Putten. […]

James Shinra – At the End of the World
James Shinra – At the End of the World

On a day like today, it’s hard to feel like the world isn’t repeatedly sending us the same gruesome message. That justice isn’t real; murderers will go free while innocent people will languish. [...]

On a day like today, it’s hard to feel like the world isn’t repeatedly sending us the same gruesome message. That justice isn’t real; murderers will go free while innocent people will languish. And we’re supposed to be thankful that at least the state didn’t sanction the murder of one innocent black person today, it will only keep him in prison forever; [...]

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  • This Bitch Is Alive!

    The Carry Nation – “This Bitch Is Alive” (ft. Viva Ruiz)

    NYC’s gift to the children of clubland. The Carry Nation “This Bitch Is Alive” ft. Viva Ruiz is out now on Batty Bass. Remixes from Bubba, Gavin Russom, Sveta & Tokoloshe, & Johnny Dynell. Feel HUH—Ooh QURN!?

  • Udachi – Put Down De Bong

    Lots of love to Palms Out fam Udachi. <3 <3 <3

    Listen to the full 6+ minutes below…

    Udachi – “Put Down De Bong” (sc)

    From the future: our old friend Udachi just released a set of 30 demos on his bandcamp: Lost in Time (Demos for TikTok Demons)





    From the future: they’re no longer on the facebook.

  • Staygold – Rain On Our Parade

    Staygold – “Wallpaper” ft. Style of Eye & Pow

    This record is finally being released after more than a long time coming. I can’t wait til it’s finally properly released so I’m not the only one raving about them all the time. Sleeping is for cats, people.

    Staygold – “Backseat” ft. Spank Rock, Damien Adore, Lady Tigra (sc)

    From the future: this record left off my absolute favorite song, maybe for good reason. I’m sharing it now.

    Staygold – “Roxanne Shante’s Smile” ft. Mapei (mp3)

  • Goitia Deitz – Speaking In Code

    Check the stunning new video for Goitia Deitz‘s “Speaking In Code”, directed by Kyle Moriwaki.

    Also stream their newest mix: “T H R E A D S”

    From the future: miss you Ben.

  • Behavior

    Behavior – “Laughing”

    Behavior – “Ghost” (mp3)

    Download Lands End for free at on the band’s bandcamp, as well as their new record, New York Times.

    Video by Camilla Padgitt-Coles

    From the future: neither of the above referenced releases are still available on their bandcamp, but they have other lovely stuff.

  • The Touch – Sermon

    The Touch – “Sermon”

    One of our favorite Swedish outfits, The Touch – have just released a single on Kitsuné, and it’s lovely. “Sermon” is a frosty northern gem–catchy, emotive, and very satisfying for the right dance floor.

  • Long Attention Span: Hell Interface

    Remember Hell Interface? Hey, Boards of Canada, time might be right to resurrect this project, no? I’ll come over later and we can work on it.

    Hell Interface – “Korona” (mp3)

    Hell Interface – “Soylent Night” (mp3)

    Refuse to submit to ADHD light speed tastemaking.

  • Visual Velcro 5

    Panteros666 – “Horreo” (Naysayer and Gilsun Video Mix)
    Jogger – “Nephecide”
    Mount Kimbie – “Before I Move Off”
  • Teeth – Shawty

    Teeth is the alias of Helsinki based producer, Matti Pentikainen, most famous for his work with Finnish hip-hop outfit Ceebrolistics. His sound has been accurately described by Teki Latex as, “northern light-induced-clap-trap-house.” And the forthcoming Shawty 12″ out May 16th on Oneman’s 502 imprint, boasts an impressive 2-Step remix by former sushi chef FaltyDL.

    Teeth – “Shawty” (mp3)

    Teeth – “Shawty VIP” (yt)

    From the future: initially we just posted the promo videos for these, but since the vinyl is long sold out and the release never made it to digital stores, presumably because of the Beyonce sample, I’m sharing the mp3s here. I still couldn’t find a full version of the VIP, so that’ll stay a youtube link.

  • Mr. Ghetto – Walmart

    Mr. Ghetto – “Walmart”

    She got her basket. She buying Summer’s Eve, She buying Massengill,

  • Penney Candy

    Alexis Blair Penney – Lonely Sea (Ecstasy Mix Live)

    Accessories, nude, and Louboutin’s – grand illusion of the enduring truth to The Miss Education of Alexis Penney (V Magazine). Get your tears out on the dance floor and bring back your vices, the left coast summer heartbreak anthem debut single, in proper vinyl fashion, co-written by Nick Weiss of Teengirl Fantasy, Alexis Blair Penney – Lonely Sea on 7″, is available now. Even the Sorest Queen can dance into a dream.

    Alexis Blair Penney – “Lonely Sea” (Honey Soundsystem Remix) (sc)

  • Atoi – The Fight

    Atoi – “Yearning”

    From their upcoming sophomore LP, Waves of Past Relations. The loveliest people making equally lovely pop music.

  • New Hots Hots 5

    Hype Williams – “The Throning” (sc)

    Jim E Stack – “Do U” (sc)

    Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – “White Sun” (sp)

  • Marcus Price & Carli – Bubbelgum

    Marcus Price & Carli – “Bubbelgum”

    Palms Out is extremely excited to announce the release of Marcus Price & Carli’s Bubbelgum, the follow up to 2010′s smash Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed. Bubbelgum is an ode to small towns, motels, and getting lifted in the club–a specific reference to that oh-so-famous strain. Stylistically, it references Chicago house & Baltimore club, while staying squarely in the bounds of modern club music, and maintaining the unique soundscape originally crafted for Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed. Shot in Nice, in southern France, by Tim Erem; the travel themed Bubbelgum video is a follow up to the cooking show madness of last year’s Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed video. Following the video is a preview of B-side “Jexpert” featuring the subject matter–Jexpert himself.

    Bubbelgum is out now on bandcamp (and everywhere else), with remixes from Sam Tiba, Rebecca & Fiona, L-Wiz, and Carli himself.

  • Egyptrixx & Trust – Chrysalis Records

    Egyptrixx – “Chrysalis Records” (feat. Trust)

    From the future: Egyptrixx (David Psutka) now makes music under the name ACT! and runs the label Halocine Trance.

  • Visual Velcro 3

    CFCF – “The River”
    James Blake – “Limit To Your Love”
    Daniel Haaksman & Seguindo Sonhos – “Hands Up” (Erick Rincon Remix)

    From the future: Blaqstarr – “Pressure” has been lost to the sands of time, including, inexplicably, the youtube video. If I find the mp3 I’ll put it up here for posterity.

  • Visual Velcro 2

    Spoek Mathambo – “Mshini Wam”
    Holy Ghost – “I Know, I Hear”
    Ultravid – “Daylight”
  • New Hots Hots 3

    Blaqstarr – “Oh My Darling”

    Arms&Suites – “My Masterpiece” (sc)

    Brenmar – “Kicked Beneath Too” (mp3)

    Turk Disco – “Balagan” (mp3)


    Video for NGUZUNGUZU‘s – “GOT U / A RING TO IT” directed by Leilah Weraub

    Aaand – in case you missed it, check out NGUZUNGUZU’s mixtape tribute to Art of Noise’s classic “Moments in Love” – suuuch a good listen.

    NGUZUNGUZU – “Focus Mixtape Vol.1: Moments in Love” (38min mp3)

    From the future: this link is still alive, but streaming it from this site sometimes doesn’t work because it’s hosted elsewhere. If the player doesn’t work, click the link/download it.

  • Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back

    Holy Ghost – “I Will Come Back”

    I went to middle school with half the people in this video. Nice to see so many happy and familiar faces. Upper West Side represent!

  • CFCF – You Hear Colours

    CFCF – “You Hear Colours”

    CFCF is current with the second release on the boutique Acephale label. The A-side is complete with a video from Tommy Boy. This new sophisticated sound from CFCF is a pleasant change which will be surely be welcomed by fans of Italians Do It Better. Is Balearic Disco the future sound of Canada?

    CFCF – “You Hear Colours” (bc)

    From the future: the original 7″ release was on Acephale, but this song was rereleased as part of CFCF’s Continents LP on Paper Bag Records.

  • 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong

    Simian Mobile Disco – “10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong”

    More genius work for Simian Mobile Disco from Bok Bok & Kate Moross!

  • Male Stripper

    In the 1990’s I’d sneak off to the now legendary Superstars of Love raves that were thrown in and around St Louis, Missouri. According to story, the duo took a road trip to New York to purchase crates and crates of records from the partner of a well-known Italo Disco DJ who had just passed.

    “Male Stripper” was one of those tracks they often dropped. And for a lot of us, (though some remember better than others) it was one of the defining song in raves that would eventually usher in the Italo/Electro Revival of a few years ago…

    Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish – “Male Stripper” (Original)

    The original version from Canada’s Power Records in 1986.


    Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish – “Male Stripper” (Out Of The Ordinary Techno Mix)

    EMB remix originally released in 1989, and reissued in 1993 on Abfahrt.

  • Simian Mobile Disco – Synthesise

    Simian Mobile Disco – “Synthesise”

    Live Visual Performance. Directed by Kate Moross & Alex Sushon (aka Bok Bok)

  • Jesper Dahlbäck Gave Me a Present

    Last week, I went to jesperdahlback.com. There was an ascii art image of Jesper with a small link that read, “Here’s a present” – the present was five tracks. Some of the present reminds me of Luke Eargoggle, while others sound like a continuation of the path he’s been taking as he journeys back to his roots.

    Jesper Dahlbäck – “Psycho 20” (mp3)

    Jesper Dahlback – “Psycho 49“ (mp3)
    Jesper Dahlback – “Psycho 63“ (mp3)
    Jesper Dahlback – “Psycho” (Acid) (mp3)

    From the future: “Spagat” (Flanger) seems to have been lost to the sands of time. If anyone has it, please drop me a line.

  • Filur – 20 Lashes

    Filur – “20 Lashes” (feat. Prins Nitram)

    The two nice boys in Filur have a really good one here…

  • Lulu Rouge

    Lulu Rouge – “Bless You”

    Lulu Rouge is an earthquake of subtlety. Booming and simultaneously still. Constant build, constant release. I don’t know where the peaks end and the valleys begin.

    Their latest album, Bless You, a perfect example of a distinctly Danish type of dub techno, also reminds me of the days when Massive Attack ruled my discman, and Portishead put me to sleep every night. From the same camp as Trentemøller (who was originally a member of the group) the two men in Lulu Rouge have a long list of credits. T.O.M. recently co-produced the Fagget Fairys’ first single “Uzela” and is a former Danish DJ champion. Buda has had his fingers in just about every electronic production that’s come out of Denmark in the last 10 years. He was also the man behind those Run Jeremy bootlegs of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker that turned so many heads.


    Lulu Rouge & Trentemøller – “Ninna Nanne” ft. Alice Carrerri (yt)

    Lulu Rouge – “Bless You” (MKLSMPSN Remix) (yt)

    ps. I’ve already posted some incredible bootlegs and edits they’ve done, including this gem, which deserves another mention:

    From the future: I figured I should probably also post those Run Jeremy bootlegs I mentioned in this post, for fun.

  • Turzi – Brasilia

    Turzi – Brasilia”

    Turzi are from Paris.

    Imagine that after Lemmy was kicked out of Hawkwind the remaining members of the group opened the worlds largest discotheque called “Turzi”. And the ceiling was like 6 feet high, and Michael Garrison was the bartender, and all the drinks were delicious and the bathroom stalls were Glass Elevators like the one Charlie and Grandpa and Willy Wonka rode in.

    Their track “Brasilia” is beautiful, it’s complex, and it’s full. It feels faster and slower than it is at the same time and would be an amazing track to greet you as you entered a club, or something to listen too when you really need to figure some things out. It’s from B – Turzi’s forthcoming album available soon on Record Makers.

  • Visual Velcro

    Lucy Love – “No V.I.P.”

    While in Denmark, Chaz & I had the pleasure of spending some time with Lucy Love and Yo Akim (who co-produced “Uzela” for the Fagget Fairys). We got to listen to their version of Danish grime and were duly impressed. Myself, Johanna from 626, and Lina from The Touch also got to tagteam DJ after Lucy & Blaqstarr did sets at Vega in Copenhagen. Enjoy this great piece of stop-motion for her first single, “No VIP”

    Gameboy/Gamegirl – “Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp”

    These cuties from down under decided not to put my remix on the single release, but I still love them. This first clip is stellar.

    Princess Superstar & Larry Tee – “Licky” (Hervé Video Edit)