I revived an old music blog at the end of 2021?

Maybe it’s been a foolish endeavor, and maybe I’m the only one who misses the blog ol’ days, but I’ve been giving it a shot. I’ve been working on restoring some of the old content, though much of it was lost. I’ve slowly been rebuilding the old remix sunday archives, and even posting the occasional new edition. And I’ve been writing again.

You can find all the label’s releases here, on bandcamp, or most anywhere you listen to music these days. I’ve still got copies of some of the old vinyl releases, and I recently released the first in a set of charitable cassette compilations to raise awareness about the continued [mis]use of broken windows policing methods.

Plus, I put together a playlists section with a handful of spotify lists that hopefully start to capture a [slightly] updated version of the moods we used to peddle. Give those a listen and a ❤ if you would be so kind. If you want to get in touch, just give me a holler.

– Haldan/Boody

  • Visual Velcro 35

    Ivohé – “yemmal2am” (mp3)


    Kamasi Washington – “Dream State” (ft. André 3000) (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 34

    MOY – “Frequency of Creation” (bc)

    Tati au Miel – “My heart” ft. Cecilia (bc)

    Erika de Casier – “Ex-Girlfriend” ft. Shygirl (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 33

    Reptant – “Metachrosis” (bc)

    Pépe – “Cloudbusters” (bc)

    Transfiguration 2020 by Universal Everything (with foley by Simon Pyke)
  • Visual Velcro 32

    Mumdance – “In Love Again” (sc) [buy on bandcamp]

    Big Dope P – “Top Shelf” ft. Littlez (sc) [buy on bandcamp]

    LeFtO Early Bird – “Diane Charlemagne” ft. Iman Houssein (bc) [buy on bandcamp]

  • Visual Velcro 31

    Lyra Valenza – “Joy Divided” (mp3)

    KETTAMA – “Fly Away XTC” (sc)

    Goitia Deitz – “Romance” (Tom Furse House Remix) (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 30

    Tyler, The Creator – “WHAT A DAY” (prod. Madlib) (sc)

    Luke RV – “Great Advice”

    Mattr – “Eno” (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 29

    Shygirl & Cosha – “thicc” (sc)

    Oneohtrix Point Never – “On an Axis” (sc)

    Lord Spikeheart – “REM FODDER” ft. James Ginzburg & Koenraad Ecker (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 28

    Kim Gordon – “BYE BYE” (bc)

    Beth Gibbons – “Floating On A Moment” (sc)

    YUVI – “Жидає” (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 27

    Joshua Crumbly – “again, on the road” (bc)

    Brian Wenner – “Age of Execution” (bc)

    Paultra Violet – “I Will Find Your Heart” (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 26

    Gacha Bakradze – “Bowl” (bc)

    Solbore – “The Often” (bc)

    Kelela – “Happy Ending” (A.G Remix) (bc)

  • New Hots Hots 9

    DJ Arana e Triz – “Fuzil dos Drake” (sc)

    pherris – “Sinta Isto” (sc) [buy on bandcamp]

    Falcons & Richtanner – “Art of Baile” (mp3)

  • Visual Velcro 25

    Hatis Noit – “Jomon” (bc)

    Rubio – “Llorar” (sc)

    Max Cooper – “In Threes” (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 24

    Daphni – “Cloudy” (Kelbin Remix) (sc)

    Don Gog – “Q” (sc)

    Parable – “Pin Drops” (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 23

    A.dixen – In Safety (sc)

    Evening Ocean – Believe In Good Things (sc)

    SUBFICTION – “weird glitches ‘n’ different shakes” (medley)
  • Visual Velcro 22

    Eluard – “Funny Jasmine” (bc)

    AAOM – “Infinitum”

    ECHT! – “Cheesecake” (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 21

    RiDylan – “Exit This” (bc)

    Six Missing – “Cleanse” (bc)

    Inwards – “Leavin’” (bc)

  • Visual Velcro 20

    Max Cooper – “Forgotten Places” ft. Kathrin deBoer (bc)

    Pari Eskandari – “Chador” (bc)

    Benson Taylor & James Adrian Brown – “Church Of First” (bc)

  • Solbore – Seemingly Magic Things

    Solbore – “Seemingly Magic Things”

    Tectonic plates move because they’re dragged along as the molten mantle flows beneath them. The mantle flows because of convection currents created by the heat of the Earth’s core. The earth’s core is hot because it’s full of radioactive elements in a state of perpetual decay.

    If the first half of this song sounds like anything identifiable, it’s probably some part of that process. Maybe the crush of the plates colliding; or the drag as they slip off the mantle; or the hyper-rapid boil of the heavy metals in the core; or maybe the embodiment of decay itself. After three minutes of all that heat, the song gives way to a kobyz solo that feels like water pouring into the tectonic gash, eventually petering off like steam disappearing into the atmosphere.

    From Brighton-based Czech/Argentinian producer Solbore, from his yet-released album, Never Alone, Often Lonely (out in Febrary). I’ve also selected another prerelease piece that features one of my favorite artists of the past few years, Varsity Star (I wrote about him last year)–a much sweeter affair, but no less compelling.

    Preorder Never Alone, Often Lonely on bandcamp, or stream the singles all over.

    Solbore – “Seemingly Magic Things” ft. Inwards, Neil Cosgrove, Lachlan R. Dale, Nurbolat Kadyrbayev (bc)

    Solbore – “Back in Time” ft. Varsity Star (bc)

  • Mailbox: Ainonow – Exile

    Ainonow – “Exile” ***Photosensitivity warning***

    Ainonow, real name Kyle Kroeck, is a Boston-based artist seeking to provide catharsis to his listeners. He aims to do this through razor-precise sound design at high tempos. He says he wants his music to allow listeners to embrace their dark sides–recognizing that darkness is part of being human–meanwhile providing a healthy and comforting space to channel those feelings. It’s not so often you hear this kind of emotional ambition from an artist working at the harder fringes of stateside Drum & Bass. And I’ll admit, I’m overall pretty cautious about dipping my toes into the vat of US bass music that includes Neuro, Mainline, and US-breaks. That stuff has just never been my bag. Above 160bpm, I’m just usually far more partial to the UK stuff: the grit and tangle of Jungle, the silkiness of old school Liquid.

    But credit where credit is due, Ainonow is using some of the conventions of those US sub-genres to make something truly refined. This is incredibly intricately programmed music, with an impressive amount of patience and a refreshing lack of reliance on the standard build up+drop+breakdown/repeat structure. This is without doubt music for the dancefloor, but for all that the basslines may growl, they never stay in one place for long or quite repeat themselves. And those drums sound less like the lonely loopy staccato of typical D&B drum programming, and more as if someone spiked a marching band’s gatorade with adderall and convinced them the floor was lava. It’s refreshing to hear this level of thoughtful experimentation in this kind of packaging, especially from a producer so clearly concerned about how his music affects people emotionally. Big pad breakdowns, 90s nostalgia, ePiC dRoPs, and massive over-compression aren’t the only ways for an American bass music producer to coax strong feelings from people, and Ainonow is evidence of that.

    Ainonow is current with two-tracker Exile. Grab it on bandcamp for free, or steam it on your outlet of choice.

    Ainonow – “Exile” (sc)


    This review was written in support of the artist’s promotional campaign.

  • Visual Velcro 19

    L E M F R E C K – “U Gd? (GOD/GOOD)”

    El Búho – “Cenizas de Agua” ft. Nita

    FVLCRVM & Annet X – “Do It All Again”
  • Visual Velcro 18

    Ike – “Fight Day” (sc)

    Oroboro – “SPIKYMEMORY” (sc)

    Clouds in a Headlock – “Phantasia” (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 17

    Maraschino – “Smoke & Mirrors” (bc)

    ASA 808 – “Love No Matter What” ft. DAEDE (bc)

    Graffiti Welfare – “Volume” (sc)

  • Uncanny Alliance – I Got My Education (Big Dope P & Feadz Remix)

    Previous-era Palms Out stalwarts Big Dope P and Feadz from Paris team up to remix this classic NYC house track by Uncanny Alliance, the duo composed of Brinsley Evans and E.V. Mystique. The original was a hit in the clubs of early-90s New York, but probably is better remembered for its bootleg by Louie Vega and Kenny Dope. This new 2022 version strays pretty far from the original and the early boots, with a shimmery touch of the French and a bunch of jukey fake-outs, but it definitely maintains some of that OG sass.

    It’s out now as part of Moveltraxx’s excellent comp Street Bangers Factory 20. Grab it on bandcamp, or stream it wherever.

    Uncanny Alliance – “I Got My Education” (Big Dope P & Feadz Remix) (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 16

    TIBASKO – “Traces” (sc)

    Juno Francis – “Labyrinth” (sc)

    The China Blue – “tonightfeelsdifferent” (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 15

    Brent Faiyaz – “PRICE OF FAME”

    Jacopo Vana – “Hold It”
    Thodén – “This Codified Drift”
  • Visual Velcro 14

    Shygirl – “Firefly” (sc)

    Sebastian Müller – “Manor Farm / Finding Life”
    Sagans – “Coherence”
  • Visual Velcro 13

    Sudan Archives – “Home Maker” (Edit) (bc)

    Hector John Guerra – “Quantum Success Coaching Academy” (sc)

    Free The Robots – “Kaduwa” ft. Teebs (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 12

    Precursor – “Opulent” (sc)

    Space Ghost & Teddy Bryant – “Heaven Sent” (sc)

    Metavari – “Páirc Sequence” (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 11

    Watch The Ride & Nia Archives – “Mash up the Dance”
    Haleek Maul – “Verified” ft. Chief Diin

    Occult A/V – “Reaching Across the Void” ft. Gloria de Oliveira (sc)

  • Visual Velcro 10

    Conflict at Serenity Pools – “faraway” (sc)

    monski – “CODE 0002” (sc)

    Jaz Valentino – “Life Waters”