Soho Rezanejad – Greed Wears a Disarming Face

Soho Rezanejad – “Greed Wears a Disarming Face”

Soho is a dear old friend. We used to be in a band together when I lived in Denmark, though that’s not saying much; she’s collaborated with so many others in the time since. She was a regular member of Lust for Youth’s live band, she’s been in bands like the short-lived but excellent Gold Lip, and she’s made records with the likes of Croatian Amor, Kasper Bjørke, and many others. But it’s really her solo work that strikes my nerves most; her voice is beautiful and an obvious blessing, but she’s also a gifted composer and producer.

She’s been prolific in recent years, but since things were dormant here, I didn’t have the chance to post any of her wonderful work. Above, I’ve posted a video of one of my favorites, from her 2018 album Six Archetypes, which included five video treatments, all of which are really worth attention. I’ve also included a selection of other songs from recent years that may inspire you to dive deeper into her catalog.

Soho Rezanejad – “Greed Wears a Disarming Face” (2018) (bc)

Soho Rezanejad – “December Song” (2018) (bc)

Soho Rezanejad – “Two Women Bucolics” (2020) (bc)

Soho Rezanejad – “Memory Shell” (2019) (bc)

Soho Rezanejad – “Everyday’s Another Holiday” (2015) (bc)

And for good measure, another video from 2016, for a song that isn’t available on bandcamp.

Soho Rezanejad – “Shark”


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