CTM & August Rosenbaum – Celeste Song

I first met Cæcilie Trier when she was playing cello in Atoi, a band I blogged about a few times, years ago. She’s since released a handful of records under the name CTM, and is current with a collaborative album under that name with pianist August Rosenbaum on Posh Isolation. She’s a superb songwriter, and the production on all of her work is as inventive as it is immediate. For as delicate as much of her music can seem at first blush, it also feels distinctly physical; sort of body music for air signs.

In addition to the title song from her latest with Rosenbaum, Celeste, I’m including a favorite of mine from her most recent solo effort, 2018’s Red Dragon, as well as the title track from 2013’s Variations.

CTM & August Rosenbaum – “Celeste Song” (sc)

CTM – “Paloma pt. 2” (sc)

CTM – “Variations” (sc)

And just because, here’s the video for another one from Red Dragon.

CTM – “Stages”


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