I’m reviving an old music blog at the end of 2021?

Maybe it’s foolish, and maybe I’m the only one who misses the blog ol’ days, but I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ll be working on restoring some of the old content, though much of it was lost. If there’s interest, I’ll try to figure out how to safely share a some of the old remix sunday archives.

For now though, you can find all the label’s releases on bandcamp, or wherever you listen to music these days. I’ve also still got copies of some of the old vinyl releases, and I’m planning a set of charitable cassette compilations to raise awareness about the continued [mis]use of broken windows policing methods.

Plus I’ve put together a Playlists section with some spotify lists that hopefully start to capture a [slightly] updated version of the moods we used to peddle. Give those a listen and a ❤ if you would be so kind. If people want me to put together soundcloud playlists, or something else, give me a holler.

– Haldan/Boody

  • Mixtape Wrap-Up

    NGUZUNGUZU deliver a stunning 25 minute mix for Truants. Perfect for a humid day in New York.

    “The Massacooramaan, also known as Sea Master, is a huge, hairy, man-like creature that lives in rivers in the interior. The name is derived from the chapters of redemption. This beast is almost untamed-looking, with the appearance of a wild Berhane, but don’t be fooled: It is a fearsome thing that capsizes small boats and eats the occupants.”

    Mix Series Vol 6: Massacooramaan – The Vulture Life

    From the future: this mix was lost to the sands of time, but check out Massacooramaan’s bandcamp anyway.


    Video for NGUZUNGUZU‘s – “GOT U / A RING TO IT” directed by Leilah Weraub

    Aaand – in case you missed it, check out NGUZUNGUZU’s mixtape tribute to Art of Noise’s classic “Moments in Love” – suuuch a good listen.

    NGUZUNGUZU – “Focus Mixtape Vol.1: Moments in Love” [38minutes mp3]

  • Simian Mobile Disco – Synthesise

    Live Visual Performance. Directed by Kate Moross & Alex Sushon (aka Bok Bok)
  • Filur – 20 Lashes

    Filur – “20 Lashes” (feat. Prins Nitram)

    The two nice boys in Filur have a really good one here…

  • Niyi

    I remember having an obsession with Niyi’s few rap tunes just after his club night was the first to be labeled “New Rave”, his best friend started clothing label ‘Cassette Playa’, and his former schoolmate M.I.A. had first uploaded her video for ‘Galang’ to the internet. High ranking royalty in London underground art for over half a decade now, Niyi has finally put out a new single, and finished a full length album set for an early 2009 release. Seemingly inspired by weighted global issues as much as drunk banter, new Niyi ate up everything pop, indie, and rap… and threw up funny colors.

    Niyi – “808 Klap”

    Niyi – “Amelia”

  • Avrosse

    Liverpool’s Avrosse is like Mark Knight meets Tocadisco with embarassing beginnings in scouse house. His tracks have gone over well during my sets. Here are two of his remixes, but his originals are serious techno fire and I encourage you to listen to his stuff on his myspace.

    Ame – “Rej” (Avrosse Remix)

    From the future: Mick Willow – “Chicago” (Avrosse Remix) has been lost to the sands of time.

  • Lauren Flax & Sia – You’ve Changed

    Brooklyn’s Lauren Flax enlisted the vocals of Sia (Zero 7) for her latest track. Lauren Flax is an unstoppable human-being who is capable of not being stopped – The You’ve Changed remixes will begin dropping soon…And it’s solid lineup! Get ready!

    From the future: Sia released another version of this a couple of years after this version was released, on her ascent to superstardom.

  • Friday: Events Around the World.

    Palms Out is involved in two exciting events tomorrow (Friday, Sept 19th) spanning the Atlantic ocean.

    In Brooklyn, Club Vortex returns with a smash!

    with some lovely guests amd your always impressive resident, Kingdom:

    Maggie Horn & Scottie B – “Wanna Whine” (from the Official Mixtape vol. 2)

    From the future: James Nasty – “You So Hawt“ has been lost to the sands of time.

    and in Copenhagen, I am playing with an amazing cast of characters including Fagget Fairys (with a live balkan band), Fidel Astro aka Eddie Confetti, Bitmobilen (dubstep on gameboys), Exboyfriendclub, and more.

  • Turzi – Brasilia

    Turzi – Brasilia”

    Turzi are from Paris.

    Imagine that after Lemmy was kicked out of Hawkwind the remaining members of the group opened the worlds largest discotheque called “Turzi”. And the ceiling was like 6 feet high, and Michael Garrison was the bartender, and all the drinks were delicious and the bathroom stalls were Glass Elevators like the one Charlie and Grandpa and Willy Wonka rode in.

    Their track “Brasilia” is beautiful, it’s complex, and it’s full. It feels faster and slower than it is at the same time and would be an amazing track to greet you as you entered a club, or something to listen too when you really need to figure some things out. It’s from “B”, Turzi’s forthcoming album available soon on Record Makers.

  • Ratatat – Falcon Jab (Copy Remix)

    Portland’s Copy (real name Marius Libman) is a staple of the city’s indie-electronic scene as much as E*Rock’s Audio Dregs. His sound is a more psychedelic Dada Life, so his remix of the already psychedelic labelmate Ratatat feels like a winning combination of good times.

    Ratatat – “Falcon Jab” (Copy Remix)

  • Club Vortex UK Bass Edition

    Club Vortex Mix – June 2008
    Mixed by Manara and Girl U No Its True
    [mediafire link]

    Friday Juno 20 — Kingdom and Palms Out sounds present:
    CLUB VORTEX (UK Bass Edition)
    Featuring DJs Bok Bok & Manara, Girl U No Its True, and Kingdom. Guest visuals by Blackmoth, plus a very special performance by Shyvonne of her brand new Kingdom-produced track.

    Monkeytown (back room) 58 N 3rd St. BROOKLYN
    $5 – doors at 11:30 pm / Performance at Midnight

    From the future: yep, that’s Girl Unit

  • Blood Orange Bubble

    Cauto – “Bona Vida”

    Snap – “Exterminate” (Simioni & Flip Remix)

    Drop The Lime – “I Love NY” (stream on spotify)

    DiscoTech – “La Gente” (stream on spotify)

    From the future: DJ Kue – “Fuk It Up” was lost to the sands of time.

  • Marked Cars

    Capsule – “Robot Disco”

    Cybotron – “El Salvador”

    Gui Boratto – “Terminal”