Kahvi Collective – Tangents

I remember in the Napster and Limewire days how often I’d find tracks that were mislabeled in order to mislead people into thinking they’d stumbled across the long lost Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin song, or whatever, and how hard my young ears would have to work to discern if these were in fact the real thing or a hoax. Those dummy songs would take on lives of their own, and without an app like Shazam, would establish their own value as they persevered in anonymity among those of us in blissful ignorance.

It’s nice that some out there are willing to totally embrace the nostalgia of those times, heedless of all who might say art is only worth doing if it centers currentness completely. It’s also not surprising that some of them would be those same diehard Boards of Canada fans, still so eager to find that long lost BoC song that they simply decided to just write it themselves with no pretension or pretense about so-called originality. Kahvi Collective has, in spirit, collected 28 of those dummy BoC songs, all made purely in celebration of BoC’s innate nostalgia. I’ve selected a few for you here, and you can download the rest on their bandcamp for whatever you wish to pay. Actual nostalgia over “future” nostalgia.

Ciaran Byrne – “Cluasa” (mp3)

4T Thieves – “Green” (mp3)

Cialyn – “When the Horizon Emphasizes Infinity” (mp3)

Berestez – “Shoda Twist” (mp3)


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