From the Mailbox 19

Lush glitch and bass from Los Angeles producer Iris Ipsum, real name Sol Rosenthal. This is meticulously produced and sharp stuff, but with enough round-around-the-edges to keep it pleasant enough for a sunny day. Properly LA forward-thinking electronic music. If you’re intrigued by the production techniques on this, I also suggest you check out Rosenthal’s gumroad, which has a slew of really exciting M4L patches available for free (or whatever you wish to donate). “Subspace” is out now on bandcamp as part of the Xtilde EP; it’s also available for streaming wherever.

Iris Ipsum – “Subspace” (sc)

Another artist from LA, next up is a punchy cut from Lake Hills that sits somewhere between electro and US breaks. Plenty of waggle to this one, shimmery overtones, and a nice murky vocal undertone. All that works for me. When I heard this at first, I could sense Lake Hills was probably fond of Elektron gear; I then stumbled across this fun live in-studio session he did with edIT a few months ago, which confirmed that suspicion. Hard not to love those Swedish rytm boxes. This is out now for streaming anywhere and everywhere.

Lake Hills – “Picking Flowers” (sc)

Finally, a shift back to my side of the country with some sweet vocal electronica from Indian-born and New York-based producer and vocalist, tanvi everywhere. Inspired by a long-distance relationship, this mines the infinite well that is longing and dull heartache. No shade, it’s always effective subject matter because we’ve all pined for someone, whether separated geographically or otherwise. This is out now for streaming all over. No bandcamp, I’m afraid, but thankfully tanvi and her label have been kind enough to let me share the mp3 with you below.

tanvi everywhere – “Need You Now” (mp3)


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