From the Mailbox 18

Another soaring beauty from Sound of Fractures, aka Jamie Reddington, who I’ve covered a number of times here. Reddington’s music is much like what he reflects on socials: open, sincere, and willing to embrace the flush of emotions that comes from being a father. This is the next to final single from his interactive Scenes project, for which the final single is currently accepting submissions. Head over here to participate.

Sound of Fractures – “Meant To Be” (sc)

Next up is an touching slice of leftfield/glitch hop from Australian BKLV. Lovely sludgy stuff here, with moments of pure melancholia. Fitting, as the song was written in memory of the artist’s cat and studio buddy (listen for the audible purring). I recently spent a huge part of my savings to rescue my cat from near-certain death, so I can definitely empathize with how important and deserving of honor our feline friends are. This is out now for streaming, but you can also grab it as a free download below, thanks to the artist’s generosity.

BKLV – “Boundless” (mp3)

Last but not least is this excellent bit of club fusion from St. Louis’s Umami (aka Pajmon Porshahidy). At the encouragement of Palms Out stalwart, Bianca Oblivion, Umami merged elements reflective of their Persian heritage with breakbeat, bass, and jersey club. Straightforward and effective dancefloor material here, I expect this would hit perfectly for the right audience. This is out now for streaming, but Porshahidy has also kindly provided the mp3 for all the DJs out there eager to test this out for themselves.

Umami – “Djadou” (mp3)


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