Lulu Rouge

Lulu Rouge – “Bless You”

Lulu Rouge is an earthquake of subtlety. Booming and simultaneously still. Constant build, constant release. I don’t know where the peaks end and the valleys begin.

Their latest album, Bless You, a perfect example of a distinctly Danish type of dub techno, also reminds me of the days when Massive Attack ruled my discman, and Portishead put me to sleep every night. From the same camp as Trentemøller (who was originally a member of the group) the two men in Lulu Rouge have a long list of credits. T.O.M. recently co-produced the Fagget Fairys’ first single “Uzela” and is a former Danish DJ champion. Buda has had his fingers in just about every electronic production that’s come out of Denmark in the last 10 years. He was also the man behind those Run Jeremy bootlegs of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker that turned so many heads.


Lulu Rouge & Trentemøller – “Ninna Nanne” ft. Alice Carrerri (yt)

Lulu Rouge – “Bless You” (MKLSMPSN Remix) (yt)

ps. I’ve already posted some incredible bootlegs and edits they’ve done, including this gem, which deserves another mention:

From the future: I figured I should probably also post those Run Jeremy bootlegs I mentioned in this post, for fun.


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