We here at the Palms Out office have been so busy. So to take a much needed break from staring at our computers–while taking a conference call with Boody and Urchin–Stark, Leif and I started a game of 2-on-1 game of wastepaper basketball (Leif is really tall). A song came on over our vintage hifi and Boody kept talking but me and Stark were kicking Leif’s ass with so many points and we couldn’t hear Haldan talking and then he yelled and if you know Boody, he’s not a yeller and when he does it’s scary! “JOEE, WHAT IS THAT SONG?!”

It was the A-side to CFCF’s upcoming vinyl-only release on Acephale. Boody asked if we could get some more CFCF because we’ve been getting a lot of mail requesting lower-bpm tracks that’s good for opening sets and making out, and CFCF is really good.


Cassie & Lil Wayne – “Official Girl” (CFCF Remix) (mp3)

Midnight Star – “Midas Touch” (CFCF Remix) (mp3)

Genghis Tron – “Recursion” (CFCF Remix) (mp3)

The Teenagers – “Sunset Beach” (CFCF Remix) (mp3)

CFCF – “Claudio” (mp3)

From the future: Does anything capture the early 2000s’ particular breed of casual white misogyny and turpitude better than lyrics in The Teenagers songs? Keeping that remix up here as a time capsule of attitudes to avoid.


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