Jackpot – Move in the Light (Hampus Drake & Serge Santiago Edit)

Stockholm’s Hampus Drake has begun working with London’s Serge Santiago in both production and some label stuff. The first pairing of their production is a remix of Jackpot.

I’m going to use this opportunity to say that I love Serge Santiago’s sound. He makes the biggest room disco ever. Maybe like five DJs a week get to play to the kinds of crowds that deserve that breed of “big”! Actually that might be a stretch too – If the monster in Cloverleaf was a DJ and he headlined a disco party the size of Puerto Rico he’d be able to play a lot of Serge Santiago.

Jackpot – “Move in the Light” (Hampus Drake & Serge Santiago Edit) (mp3)

Pro Tip :
If you’re throwing a “banger” party and want a really successful night you should start out playing music like this instead of getting all hoover before peaktime.


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