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I’ve written about Colorado Springs-based producer cupsy before. Where their work in the past has been further into the frenetic side of breakcore, this piece they sent over recently is more tender and contemplative. Still high energy stuff though, which I think is cupsy’s bag (or cup, as the case may be). No bandcamp here, but you can find this on streamers, or grab the mp3 below.

cupsy – “somewhere, forever” (mp3)

I’ve also posted a Swimming Paul track before. The London-based French producer seems to have an effective promotion machine behind him—and he seems to have started to catch the wave of success that’s been elevating the post-Fred Again school of producers to great heights. It seems deserved though, his output of singles has been near-constant in the past year or two, and they’re always contemporary and effective tunes, if perhaps a touch straightforward. He doesn’t have a bandcamp, but all of his work is on the streamers, and his team was kind enough to let me provide the mp3 of this track for download below.

Swimming Paul – “Focus” (mp3)

Ton Mise is a Nagano-based artist who sent over the title track from his newest EP, Moon Behind the Eyes, out on Chicago label Satellite Era. He describes the track as “quiet drum’n’bass, like being behind the moon” which feels accurate. It’s melodically sweet and pensive stuff, but framed in the context of well-balanced and skeletal DnB. The whole EP is really compelling, and worth checking out. Grab it on bandcamp or for streaming all over.

Ton Mise – “Moon Behind The Eyelids” (sc)


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