Mailbox: cupsy & cybersona888 – GNGSTA

This is another example of the kind of stuff I was writing about yesterday. But where I hesitated to call yesterday’s tracks internetcore, this one fits that bill much better.

We’re still in the same universe I was describing, heavily reliant on the building blocks of jungle: chopped amens and short, round, 808-like bass hits. But here cupsy (an artist based in Colorado Springs who also releases music under the name Dream Entact) and cybersona888 (who I can’t find any info about) definitely do head much further down the breakcore rabbithole. There’s also a marked attempt (conscious or instinctive) to incorporate elements of other internet genres. There are moments full of evil reese and post-gabber kick fills that–in this context–manage to function like a reprieve from the breakbeat mania. Large portions of the track also include a layer of [probably] memphis rap acapella that sits low enough in the mix to be mostly indecipherable, but clear enough to be a nod to the Russian drift phonk that ruled TikTok and Reels for a while a couple of years ago (I’ve got a soft spot for that stuff).

There are a lot of ingredients in this pot, but it all works together nicely. No bandcamp for this, but find it for streaming all over.

cupsy & cybersona888 – “GNGSTA” (sc)


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