Mailbox: ERRx – i miss having LAN parties

Is there a microgenre name for these sorts of shortform breakbeat-driven quasi-jungle tracks, usually with heavy reference to internet culture, anime, and gaming? I’m not slighting the stuff, some of it is great, but it really feels like it’s definitely a thing, and I don’t have a name for it. I guess this is sort of what I imagine kids who would have been making breakcore 15 years ago are doing instead (some of them are definitely still incorporating breakcore). And I’d also guess this is kind of close to the world that gave birth to legit stars like PinkPantheress. Calling this internetcore feels too broad, since my experience is that encompasses much more than what I’m trying to describe.

I really like these three tracks I got in the mailbox from ERRx. All three short and sweet slices of this genre I don’t have a name for, none longer than two minutes. I know nothing about this artist — their twitter location is listed as ‘not here’, and their bio on all socials is:

c r i t i c a l ERRx d e t e c t e d @ criticalxerrorx E̶̪̺̖̗͍̠̖̲̭̲̜̘̊͝R̶̨̜͍̳̙̪̭̽̎̀͠R̸̛̝̤̬͓̻̫̩̣̳̀͒͒̌͂̓̾͂͊̐͝͠x̷̛̰̲͛̿̾̈́̐̎̄̓̕͜͝͝͠ ̸̣͍͚͍̭̙̝̬̀̔͐̓̒̋̚

I even tried to do some sleuthing by seeing where their spotify listeners are concentrated. Almost evenly distributed between London, Santiago, LA, Melbourne, and Paris. You can’t get much more worldwide than that. Or I guess the operative word is online. Maybe we can just call this microgenre ‘online jungle’?

No bandcamp for ERRx, so follow their soundcloud, or stream them all over.

ERRx – “I miss having LAN parties” (sc)

ERRx – “I made an error” (sc)

ERRx – “who are you” (remix) ft. Brooke Elise (sc)


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