Mailbox: Cesare vs Disorder – Just A Rephlex

Tight, clustered, wobbly, 2-step undergirded by a ghostly hollow contrabass line on this strong submission from Sao Paolo-based Italian-Polish artist, Cesare vs Disorder (real name Cesare Marchese). Marchese’s been busy for the past couple of decades; you may have encountered him via his label Serialism or his consistent string of releases for other labels including the likes of BPitch Control, but he just released his first full length. Antidote runs the gamut from UK-inspired stuff like this and songs like “Brixton ’98”, to deeper and warmer club fare, all the way to the title track—which is essentially full-on acid jazz. There’s even a Brazilian sunkissed ode to Detroit electro in there too for good measure. The album features collaborations with the likes of Cristi Cons, San Proper, Rockey Washington, and an old personal favorite of mine, poet and emceee Mike Ladd. As varied as the album is, it’s nonetheless a fun and coherent listen front to back, and clearly a sincere and clear-eyed expression of Marchese’s musical personality, as fluid as it might be. Recommended.

You can grab the whole album on bandcamp, or you can stream it wherever. Marchese has also been kind enough to let me share the mp3 of the focus track, which is my favorite from the album.

Cesare vs Disorder – “Just a Rephlex” (mp3)

Cesare vs Disorder – “Brixton ’98” (sc)

Cesare vs Disorder – “As Vezes” (sc)


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