So Durand – Take Me Back There

“Take Me Back There” is an energetic cut of rave meets jungle meets hyperactive jackin’ piano house from Ottawa’s So Durand. With all those references packed into one song, it’s hard to believe you won’t be taken back there somehow listening to this. The song appears on So Durand’s newest EP, This Unruly Kingdom, which is similarly varied, though generally rooted in an effective use of breakbeats at jungle tempos. It’s solidly forward-looking stuff, while still referencing of the past enough to feel nicely familiar.

This Unruly Kingdom is out now on the excellent Dublin-based Choki Biki, and is available for streaming on bandcamp. I’ve also included my other favorite from the record for good measure, which is a little headier, and features the sound of children playing — which is like a button that, when pressed, makes any song feel instantly cozier (Boards of Canada knew this trick well).

So Durand – “Take Me Back There” (sc)

So Durand – “Disons Que” (sc)

PS. if you’re looking for more pianos over breaks, we’ve got a playlist just for that.


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