Past Palms – Ambient Music for Watering Plants

Past Palms is an artist from Richmond, VA. Each song from Ambient Music for Watering Plants focuses on one typical tropical houseplant, in hopes of capturing the simple serenity of watering that life “while living in a gray, nature-less city”, as the artist describes their project.

An ode to Eno’s Music For Airports, the substitute subject matter here could perhaps not be more fitting for the typical modern millennial’s adjusted outlook. Where boomers had the optimism to look to the skies, and the naive privilege to imagine themselves as post-colonial explorers, we are a generation generally more resigned to preserving a sense of peace in our own spaces. Where boomers once imagined themselves as the realists, concerned by a belief their children lacked boundaries, it turned out we were the ones more aware of our own limits and willing to live without some of the global excess our parents took for granted.

Of course there are countless exceptions to these rules, but I can’t help but think about the heaps of trending instagram images featuring cozy plant-filled and sun-drenched studio apartments–and the millions of millennials navelgazing into their phones instead of out the window of a plane. And while Eno was concerned that we should ensure airports were more pleasant places to be, we all accept most of modern life just isn’t, and instead hope for a little slice of that pleasance at home.

The whole record is beautiful, and is available today–on Earth day–to stream, or on bandcamp. I’m probably partial to “Philodendron” — but then again, I love the sweetheart plant that hangs from my bathroom ceiling.


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