Mailbox: Robot:86 – Hyper Rewind

Robot:86 describes himself as “an inhabitant of a desolate planet where war has been raging since the beginning of time.” London isn’t exactly totally desolate, but there’s no doubt that Albion certainly was the site of near-constant war until the end of the second World War, so allegorically Robot:86 isn’t far off.

Hyper Rewind is Robot:86’s latest maxi-single — and spans from the excellent blown-out filter jungle of “Battle With Hypermind” to the icy minimalist electro of “Rewind the DJ”. Quite deft textural genre exploration on these two, worthy of notice.

Hyper Rewind is now streaming, and is available to purchase on bandcamp. There’s also a Diggers Factory campaign to press vinyl, so get in your pre-order now to make that a reality.

Robot:86 – “Battle With Hypermind” (bc)

Robot:86 – “Rewind the DJ” (bc)

PS. if you’re looking for more modern jungle, we’ve got a playlist for that. And if you’re looking for more electro, we’ve got one for that too.


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