Physical Therapy – Teardrops On My Garage

Did you know that the the American Chameleon is not, in fact, a chameleon? It’s actually an anole, in the same family as an iguana.

Physical Therapy, aka Daniel Fisher, is a chameleon (or I suppose, given he’s from New Jersey, an anole). Countless aliases, constant genre shifting, loves oak branches and crickets. The past couple of years have seen Fisher relatively quiet since the definitive It Takes a Village compilation (which is all his work, under a number of different names); I say quiet reluctantly though, given the past two years have also seen a slew of releases under other aliases, remixes, and focus on his near-perfect label, Allergy Season.

Now he’s back with Teardrops On My Garage, a record that sounds like Craig David spending a summer in Newark taking acid. It’s out now to stream and on bandcamp. I’ve included a couple of picks from the EP, plus two of my all-time favorite Physical Therapy songs (including “Male Tears”, one of the best and simplest uses of the funky drummer break–which is not something I say lightly).

And keep in mind, if you find yourself allergic to color-changing lizards, you’re probably actually allergic to cricket poop, not the reptile itself.

Physical Therapy – “Chain Reaction” (sc)

Physical Therapy – “2 Tears” (Ladies Night Dub) (sc)

Physical Therapy – “Male Tears” (2019) (sc)

Physical Therapy – “More Sugar” (2017) (sc)


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