Mailbox: Slackin Beats & Raghd – With Me

Slackin Beats is from Malmö, Sweden, and has evidently ingested whatever it is that’s added to the water in Sweden that seems to give an inordinate percentage of its music-makers an unexplainable grasp for perfect pop sensibility. Raghd, who lends vocals to Slackin’s production here, is also from Sweden, and clearly also has the Swedish gift. “With Me” borrows elements of 2-step, breakbeat, house, 2000s electro, and whatever else works — woven together effortlessly to create a perfect piece of hybrid dance pop.

A song like this reminds me just how much good music still flies under the radar without ever garnering the attention it deserves. In another configuration of the world, songs like this would get sustained promo, proper radio push, placement, etc., but instead, it’s up to outlets like mine to contribute a tiny bit towards spreading the word. It’s out now on streaming platforms, and on bandcamp.

Slackin Beats & Raghd – “With Me” (sc)


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