Nüll – Good

Right now is just as good as then.

Two forward-thinking cuts of housey electronica for you this morning. Nüll, real name Noel Lyons, is an artist based in the UK. Under various aliases, he makes music that spans across a number of genres, from this kind of quasi-house to ambient and lofi as Aatom and Yukyuk, to “incredibly unpopular doom/sludge-metal” as Gjør Styggedom.

“Good” is part of a trio of songs (complemented by “Bad” and “Indifferent”) that reference classic house tropes like while remaining firmly in the now. “Humata”, Nüll’s latest, is more melancholy and leans further into the realm of organic electronica and ambient — delicate bells and water flow over stuttering ratcheted stabs. Both are excellent exercises in genre melding–neither easy to categorize, and that’s all good.

These are both available for streaming all over, but I couldn’t find a bandcamp.

Nüll – “Good” (sc)

Nüll – “Humata” (sc)


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