Mailbox: Dull Reality – Fragment

Sweet piece of emotive electro from Australian newcomer Dull Reality, real name Ben Shields. True to its title, the song is layered with cut up fragments of Shields’ soprano. The song explores the sense of anxiety Shields felt in the early stages of his partner’s pregnancy with their first child.

I can relate–I was a puddle during that stage of my wife’s pregnancy last year–thankfully though, it proved for me to be the best kind of anxiety because it culminated in miracle. But at a time in the United States when the rights of child-bearing people are being trampled, we should be reminded that the right to the most consequential human choice, and all the anxiety and terror that can accompany it, is hanging by a thread.

Out now for streaming all over, but no bandcamp yet.

Dull Reality – “Fragment” (sc)


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