Carl Chaste – Troubles

This is the world you made yourself, and now you have to live in it

Last week, I promised you more four-to-the-floor. Carl Chaste is French; fittingly, the vocals on this song evoke for me the kind of thing you used to hear in early 2000s French Touch. Spoken in English, but with a pleasantly slurred French accent, they’re the familiar kind that direct the listener to stop worrying and just head to the dance floor. While there are these strong references to classic French house, the production is more referential of UKG of the era, with shuffling rimshots and blaring chopped up chords. Chaste tell us, “don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got” — a valid sentiment. Dancing more is almost always a good way to reconnect to oneself.

“Troubles” is out now on Belgian label Potion Records, and is available for streaming wherever you do that. No bandcamp though, so if you want to play this out, you’ll have to suffice with beatport.

Carl Chaste – “Troubles” (sc)


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