I’m reviving an old music blog at the end of 2021?

Maybe it’s foolish, and maybe I’m the only one who misses the blog ol’ days, but I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ll be working on restoring some of the old content, though much of it was lost. If there’s interest, I’ll try to figure out how to safely share some of the old remix sunday archives.

For now though, you can find all the label’s releases here, on bandcamp, or anywhere you listen to music these days. I’ve also still got copies of some of the old vinyl releases, and I’m planning a set of charitable cassette compilations to raise awareness about the continued [mis]use of broken windows policing methods.

Plus I’ve put together a playlists section with a handful of spotify lists that hopefully start to capture a [slightly] updated version of the moods we used to peddle. Give those a listen and a ❤ if you would be so kind. If people want me to put together soundcloud playlists, or something else, give me a holler.

– Haldan/Boody

  • Goitia Deitz – Speaking In Code

    Check the stunning new video for Goitia Deitz‘s “Speaking In Code”, directed by Kyle Moriwaki.

    Also stream their newest mix: “T H R E A D S”

    From the future: miss you Ben.

  • Dubbel Dutch – Slow Club Mix

    Dubbel Dutch says…

    Record high temperatures in Texas this week and I’m feeling kinda sluggish. This mix is inspired by O.G. Ron C’s F-Action mixtape series. I decided to take some of my favorite Jersey Club RnB remixes of the moment and slow em down a bit.

    I feel the same way. Summer in New York is oppressive! I’m out to the northwest on Saturday, thank goodness.

    Dubbel Dutch – “Slow Club Mix” (35min sc)


    Michael Magnan & Nita, aka BOOKWRMZ, who throw The Beat monthly with Chaz & Jason of Palms Out, have just released a mix for the new K48. Check out the K48 books, and preorder the upcoming issue, which explores the theme of magic in 196 spellbinding pages.

    BOOKWRMZ – ABRAK48DABRA MIX (70min sc)

    Also, in case you missed it, soak in the feeling of Nita’s remix of Monica’s “First Night”.

    Monica – “First Night” (Brooklyn is Burning Remix) (mp3)

    Tracklist after the jump.


    01. Ayshay – Jemsheed
    02. Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters
    03. Work TVK – PHNTM PWR
    04. Brenmar – Paper Running
    05. Blondes – Rude Boy
    06. NGUZUNGUZU – _X_
    07. Realness – Fade Shade
    08. Unsolved Mysteries – Blood
    09. Escandalo – Nocturning
    10. Light Asylum – 12 Horsemen
    11. Mirror Mirror – Nau Sau Ser Bil
    12. Prayer Town – Super Predator (Live)
    13. House of Ladosha – Witches of Bushwick
    14, Salem – Las House Onna Lef
    15. Ayshay – Shaytan

  • Venus X – GHE20 GOTHIK 1 year Anniversary Mixtape

    In celebration of GHE20 GOTHIK’s 1 year anniversary on October 27th – Venus X in the mix.

    Venus X – “GHE20 GOTHIK 1 year Anniversary Mixtape” (29min sc)

  • Mixtape Wrap-Up

    NGUZUNGUZU deliver a stunning 25 minute mix for Truants. Perfect for a humid day in New York.

    Truancy Volume 11: NGUZUNGUZU (25minutes sc)

    “The Massacooramaan, also known as Sea Master, is a huge, hairy, man-like creature that lives in rivers in the interior. The name is derived from the chapters of redemption. This beast is almost untamed-looking, with the appearance of a wild Berhane, but don’t be fooled: It is a fearsome thing that capsizes small boats and eats the occupants.”

    Massacooramaan – The Vulture Life Mix (54min mp3)

  • Dubbel Dutch’s Austin Mix

    Dubbel Dutch just did a mix for the Austin edition of XLR8R’s City Guide, just in time for SXSW. For those of you down there for the festival, be sure and check out Dubbel Dutch at Bersas Disco’s Tormenta Tropical on Saturday the 18th, or one of the other fine events he’ll be playing.

    The mix is 45 minutes of steppy, high-spirited, free flowing bump for your feet.

    XLR8R Podcast 127: Dubbel Dutch’s Austin Mix (46min mp3)


    Video for NGUZUNGUZU‘s – “GOT U / A RING TO IT” directed by Leilah Weraub

    Aaand – in case you missed it, check out NGUZUNGUZU’s mixtape tribute to Art of Noise’s classic “Moments in Love” – suuuch a good listen.

    NGUZUNGUZU – “Focus Mixtape Vol.1: Moments in Love” (38min mp3)

    From the future: this link is still alive, but streaming it from this site sometimes doesn’t work because it’s hosted elsewhere. If the player doesn’t work, click the link/download it.

  • New Hots Hots 2

    DJ Sdunkero – “Bonke Bonke” (mp3)

    Djuna Barnes – “Muzak 3 mix” (84min mc)

    From the future: Djuna Barnes/Maria died in 2017. Rest in peace, Maria. She shared one last mix before her death, “Step into the light, please” — which is beautiful.

  • Club Vortex UK Bass Edition

    Club Vortex Mix – June 2008 Mixed by Manara and Girl U No Its True [mediafire link]

    Friday Juno 20 — Kingdom and Palms Out sounds present: CLUB VORTEX (UK Bass Edition) Featuring DJs Bok Bok & Manara, Girl U No Its True, and Kingdom. Guest visuals by Blackmoth, plus a very special performance by Shyvonne of her brand new Kingdom-produced track.

    Monkeytown (back room) 58 N 3rd St. BROOKLYN $5 – doors at 11:30 pm / Performance at Midnight

    From the future: yep, that’s Girl Unit

  • Palms Out Mix Series Vol. 1: Snack & C’mish

    A few weeks ago, my friend Ben invited me to eat Korean BBQ with him and his friends. I was lucky enough to meet one of his friends, Jay, a very sweet guy who goes by the name Snackmaster. He knew Palms Out, and told me he had grabbed a Chromeo edit a few weeks before from Remix Sunday, for the mix he and his padna C’mish had recently done for Lemon-Red. Of course I had no idea which song he was talking about, and felt like a fool. But it was all for the best – I asked him if he’d be interested in being the first up in our brand new feature–the Palms Out Sounds Mix Series–where we ask your favorite DJs to step outside the box- and create a special mix they’ve always fantasized about. Lucky for me (and you) Snack & C’mish were down, and the result is this absurdly great mix of classic electro, disco, and house: Midnight Run.

    Palms Out Sounds Mix Series vol.1: Snack n’ C’mish – “Midnight Run” (30min mp3)

    Tracklisting after the jump.


    Escort – “She Is”
    Bombers – “Shake”
    David Morris – “Saturday Night (C’mish Re-edit)”
    Citispeak – “Don’t Give Me No Handouts (Dub)”
    Megabeat By Megabolt – “Groove Time”
    Inner City – “Good Life (Magic Juan Mix)”
    Dark Heads – “Lifted Up (The Hyff Dub)”
    Charlie – “Spacer Woman”
    NYC Peech Boys – “Don’t Make Me Wait (Snack Edit)”
    Pink Project – “Instrumental Project (Gritty City Edit)”

    From the future: Jay started making music with Ben, and they released a number of beautiful records together as Goitia Deitz. Ben died in 2015. I miss him a lot.