Palms Out Mix Series Vol. 1: Snack & C’mish

A few weeks ago, my friend Ben invited me to eat Korean BBQ with him and his friends. I was lucky enough to meet one of his friends, Jay, a very sweet guy who goes by the name Snackmaster. He knew Palms Out, and told me he had grabbed a Chromeo edit a few weeks before from Remix Sunday, for the mix he and his padna C’mish had recently done for Lemon-Red. Of course I had no idea which song he was talking about, and felt like a fool. But it was all for the best – I asked him if he’d be interested in being the first up in our brand new feature–the Palms Out Sounds Mix Series–where we ask your favorite DJs to step outside the box- and create a special mix they’ve always fantasized about. Lucky for me (and you) Snack & C’mish were down, and the result is this absurdly great mix of classic electro, disco, and house: Midnight Run.

Palms Out Sounds Mix Series vol.1: Snack n’ C’mish – “Midnight Run” (30min mp3)

Tracklisting after the jump.


Escort – “She Is”
Bombers – “Shake”
David Morris – “Saturday Night (C’mish Re-edit)”
Citispeak – “Don’t Give Me No Handouts (Dub)”
Megabeat By Megabolt – “Groove Time”
Inner City – “Good Life (Magic Juan Mix)”
Dark Heads – “Lifted Up (The Hyff Dub)”
Charlie – “Spacer Woman”
NYC Peech Boys – “Don’t Make Me Wait (Snack Edit)”
Pink Project – “Instrumental Project (Gritty City Edit)”

From the future: Jay started making music with Ben, and they released a number of beautiful records together as Goitia Deitz. Ben died in 2015. I miss him a lot.


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