Mailbox: miiinty – playing spyro on a ps2 emulator gave me a hit of dopamine!!!

More of that internetcore-adjacent online jungle I was on about a couple of months ago. This time it’s this very playstation roller from miiinty, who I know nothing about except that they’re [maybe] from the UK. Besides the song’s bloodshot title, the only indication of miiinty’s inspiration is the following statement: “born to uwu forced to thug it out tbh.” Like any good loading screen song, this song’s appeal is immediate and it remains engaging throughout, in a way that could probably go on forever before you’d notice the game had frozen.

Not on bandcamp, but you can find it for streaming anywhere you’d think to look.

miiinty – “playing spyro on a ps2 emulator gave me a hit of dopamine!!!” (sc)


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