Piezo – The Mandrake

Machiavelli’s La Mandragola is a play about shameless disregard for the means by which one achieves one’s desires. It demonstrates that the given or chosen title of a person should not be the measure of their character. But it’s also a warning to the virtuous, that the sinful may still be the victors; that immorality may never be punished — and a reminder that religion is mostly a system under which we collectively pretend good deeds are always rewarded, if not in this life, at least in the next. The legend of the Mandrake root itself is that when dug up, it will scream kill all who hear its screams.

Piezo, like Machiavelli, is Italian, and this song is likely named for either the play or the root (or both). It will certainly not kill you to hear it, and thankfully so, but as you listen to it, be reminded that we can’t depend on the notion that the powerful men who cause chaos and suffering in this world will be punished cosmically, it’s up to the rest of us to stop them ourselves.

The song came out in 2019 on the excellent German label, Version. Surprisingly, there are still vinyl copies available, so jump on those while they’re still around.

Piezo – “The Mandrake” (bc)


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