KEEFE – 808 Melody in C

Another set of killers from KEEFE, I’m starting to think I’ve blogged half his catalog at this point. But KEEFE’s style is just dope, and these tracks serve as a warm reminder of a time on Palms Out when we used to live for this kind of thing.

The featured track on this maxi-single is a punishing bit of electro, probably best suited for 4am warehouse sets. (They still have those right?, somewhere they must; I’m old now.) The A-side is more straight up dark techno than I’d usually post, but no less strong, and with a breakdown that would definitely be at home in a reboot of Blade.

Both out now for streaming, or grab ’em on bandcamp.

KEEFE – “808 Melody in C” (sc)

KEEFE – “Been Waiting” (sc)


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