Elliott – Tender

British label Ritual Poison has been slow and deliberate, releasing one or two records a year since 2017, including a couple of recent favorites of mine from MOY, who I’ve covered previously. But that restraint has been worth it (and perhaps also just a product of necessity, given what the past years have held for most labels)–the label’s output has been faultless.

Their first release of this year came out in January, and it’s probably my favorite so far. It comes from Elliott, one of the DJs behind South London’s Big Dyke Energy, and one half of duo Faff. The other three songs on Transcendence are ravier cuts of ultraviolet electro, all excellent in their own right; but the winner for me is the A1, a track bursting with psychotropic breakbeat NRG and emotive paradisiacal acid.

Elliott – “Tender” (bc)


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