Boys Noize & Abra – Affection (Solomun Remix)

The first post I wrote last year after the site’s near-decade hiatus featured old favorite Boys Noize. It was a fitting return for us, as I wrote then, but I imagine some old readers here are wondering where the rave is? where the bass went? what about the 4×4? Well I still dig that stuff (particularly the rave, come on now), but as you’ve probably recognized by now, dear reader, I’ve largely turned my attention towards more contemplative club music (dumb term, but about sums it up). Funny enough though, that’s actually kind of where we started. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you might remember that early posts on this site were actually often about trip hop, depressed underground hiphop, and even–gasp–indie rock. We changed over time, as we will continue to do.

All of this to say though, there’s always still room for more 4×4 rave. In honor of this sentiment, and ~6 months back in action, here’s a dope new remix of that same Boys Noize & ABRA song, by Solomun. Thanks for sticking with me.

Boys Noize & ABRA – “Affection” (Solomun Remix) (bc)


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  1. Travis Avatar

    ditto but this is sooo good. bring back the rave!

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