Boys Noize & Abra – Affection

It seems fitting enough for the first post in upwards of ten years to feature an old blog house favorite. Boys Noize was not only a favorite of blogs during that now oft maligned period of music history, but he was also kind enough to release my record with Le1f back in 2012. Moreover, the sound of this song, featuring Abra, also aligns nicely with the girly freestyle/electro style that was a consistent undercurrent for many years on Palms Out, sometimes to the chagrin of readers who came for the bangorz, but always to my own delight.

Boys Noize & Abra – “Affection” (sc)

Buy it on bandcamp.


2 responses to “Boys Noize & Abra – Affection”

  1. Jens Avatar

    It’s good to have you back!

    1. Haldan / Boody Avatar

      Thank you, Jens!

2 comments on Boys Noize & Abra – Affection

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