The Spongetaker – Everywhere At The End Of Bikini Bottom

I really can’t describe this better than Liminal Garden already has.

Some view parody as merely making fun of something, but in the right hands parody can actually serve as a pretty powerful tool to drive home a particular point or narrative. Case in point: Everywhere At The End Of Bikini Bottom by The Spongetaker.

They say parody is the sincerest form of flattery, and that certainly holds true for this album, which is spoofing Leyland Kirby’s emotional masterpiece Everywhere At The End Of Time, setting it in a universe that most people in this audience have an intimate familiarity with and feel genuinely nostalgic about.

Producer Vappasko (as The Spongetaker) absolutely delivers on the humorous side, because the album is simply hilarious: everything from the whimsical track titles, the sample choices, the heavy effects perfectly emulating EATEOT, to even the cover artwork itself are just a lot of F.U.N. But at the same time it’s a genuinely haunting listening experience, making you painfully aware how memories of days gone by are unavoidably washing away in the steady stream of time.

If we are the protagonists of our own memories, then I don’t think Spongebob is any less relevant a foil for many than Al Bowlly is for Kirby’s characters.

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