House of Venus – Dish & Tell (Bitch Mix) (1990)

Venus absorbs and tempers the masculine essence, uniting the masculine and feminine in mutual affection. She is assimilative and benign, born of sea foam, a charm, a magic philtre.

You’ve no doubt heard this Loleatta Holloway-sampling 1990 classic by the polyonymous Dutch trio composed of Eddy de Clercq, Gert van Veen, and Erik van Putten. If not consciously, then probably on a dancefloor somewhere. But it’s out of print now, and doesn’t appear to be available to stream, at least not stateside. I’ve got a few higher quality versions of this, but none sound quite as good as this vinyl rip. It’s got too much noise and crackle, but whoever ripped it had some kind of nice natural compression going on in their system that cut off the edges of the 909 in the right places and gave it the kind of heft it deserves.

House of Venus – “Dish & Tell” (Bitch Mix) (1990) (mp3)


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