WIN WIN – Interleave

WIN WIN – “Interleave” ft. Alexis Taylor

Alex “XXXChange” Epton, best known as half of Spank Rock, has teamed up with long time friend Chris Devlin and video collagist Ghostdad on a new project, WIN WIN. The self titled debut album from the Brooklyn-based trio features guest vocals from Andrew WK, Lizzie Bugatsos, Spankrock, and Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, the latter of whose collaboration “Interleave” was the subject for director Colin Devin Moore’s new video. Apparently the footage of Alexis Taylor featured in the video was taken inside of a janitors closet during soundcheck, and subsequently transformed by Moore into a visually stunning tour de force.

WIN WIN – “Interleave” ft. Alexis Taylor (XXXChange’s 1993 mix) (mp3)

WIN WIN – “Interleave” ft. Alexis Taylor (Kingdom Remix) (mp3)

From the future: Anyone still have the Kingdom remix as an mp3? Send it my way, if you’d be so kind.

From further in the future: Found it, thanks!


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