Datassette – “Vacuform”

Datassette and Datashat are the aliases of London-based computer programmer and producer John Davies. His signature retro-digital sound has the crunch of vintage synthesizers while maintaining somewhat of a sharp edge. The sonic landscapes he creates are reminiscent of a video game, which isn’t surprising seeing as how he has made one of those too. The Datassette website has a pretty extensive free downloads section, so go check it out.

Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five – “The Message” (Datashat Remix) (mp3) (originally posted as part of Remix Sunday 61)

Datassette – “Start It Again” (mp3)

Datassette – “Making Plans For Nigel” (mp3)

Röyksopp – “Happy Up Here” (Datassette Remix) (mp3)

From the future: Davies seems to have removed the free downloads section of his site, so I’m uploading these bits here instead. There is a bunch of pay-what-you-wish stuff on his bandcamp though, so check that out too.


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