Visual Velcro

Lucy Love – “No V.I.P.”

While in Denmark, Chaz & I had the pleasure of spending some time with Lucy Love and Yo Akim (who co-produced “Uzela” for the Fagget Fairys). We got to listen to their version of Danish grime and were duly impressed. Myself, Johanna from 626, and Lina from The Touch also got to tagteam DJ after Lucy & Blaqstarr did sets at Vega in Copenhagen. Enjoy this great piece of stop-motion for her first single, “No VIP”

Gameboy/Gamegirl – “Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp”

These cuties from down under decided not to put my remix on the single release, but I still love them. This first clip is stellar.

Princess Superstar & Larry Tee – “Licky” (Hervé Video Edit)


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