Wealstarcks – NA PRAIA Vol​.​1

Parisian producer Wealstarcks (formerly known as Wealstarr) has that kind of talent that is almost counterproductive. You can trace back his career a decade or two, and it becomes evident he’s basically capable of effortlessly executing any style he wants to. That sort of talent is impressive, sure, but it also means that it can be that much harder to distill one’s tastes into output that really conveys the content of one’s soul. He’s produced for the likes of Booba and Tory Lanez, but with his latest few releases, including this most recent record, an EP called NA PRAIA Vol. 1 (Portuguese for “on the beach”), it feels as if he’s really touched the nerve.

Although he’s from France, he’s an unabashed Brazilophile. NA PRAIA is a confluence of a half dozen Brazilian genres, old and new, all delivered with the sort of modern production precision and clarity that’s made Kaytranada a household name. I don’t mean to say there’s something derivative here—this does feel like properly authentic music—but I can’t help but think some of these songs sound like what might result if Kaytra fell deeply in love with Samba, Chorro, Carioca and Bossa. Top notch stuff.

Grab NA PRAIA Vol. 1 on bandcamp, or stream wherever streams are streamed.

Wealstarcks – “Na Praia” (bc)

Wealstarcks – “Gostoso” (bc)

Wealstarcks – “Divine” (bc)


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