Sebastian Zawadzki – Pax Elysium

Sebastian Zawadzki is a Polish-born classical pianist and composer living in Copenhagen. His previous work tends closer to the neoclassical, having composed for the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and across film and television. The two songs I’ve included here are less so. They’re from his upcoming full length Pax Elysium (which might be loosely translated from the latin to ‘heaven’s peace’). Both are delicate and minimalist, based primarily on an electronic sound palette—the whole album is just as meditative and patient. It’s a beautiful and accessible record, and could work just fine as pleasant background music, but Zawasdki’s attention to detail really rewards the attentive listener—I suggest taking a half hour to actively listen to the whole thing.

Pax Elysium is available for streaming all over. It’s not yet available for purchase, but you can find the two included singles on bandcamp.

Sebastian Zawadzki – “Dulcis Experrectio” (bc)

Sebastian Zawadzki – “Quiessentia Inter Notas” (bc)


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