Ndares – Randomized Memory Allocation Unit

It’s always a fuzzy feeling when your friends make your favorite music. I’ve written about—and released music from—my old friend Anders Dixen many times. He’s traded aliases a bunch over his career, but has primarily been releasing as A.dixen in the past years. A few months after I started writing this blog again in 2021, I wrote an effusive review of his stellar Death Tapes series under that name. Then in 2022, he contributed a great song to the End Broken Windows compilation I put out in support of the National Sex Workers Bail Fund. He’s still releasing music as A.dixen, but most recently he put out really strong new album as part of the trio of which he’s a member, AV AV AV (with other Palms Out alum Eloq).

Anders is just generally a busy guy, so unfortunately sometimes his output ends up flying under the radar, as is the case with the record I’m posting about now. In the middle of last year, he quietly released a quartet of dubby electro tracks under a new alias, Ndares (a sort of phonetic spelling of his first name). They’re all beautifully stripped back dancefloor tools that I expect work a charm on the right floors—and they deserve way more attention.

Randomized Memory Allocation Unit is exclusive to bandcamp, and it’s up for pay-what-you-wish. It was hard to pick a favorite here, so don’t wait and get to bandcamp right away to download the rest of the EP. I’m also including the first single from AV AV AV’s new album, which you should absolutely also grab on bandcamp or stream.

(He also found the time to become a father to a beautiful baby boy a year or so ago. Big up Henry and Henry’s mom.)

Ndares – “Mutate Mutate” (mp3)

Ndares – “No Funkk” (mp3)

AV AV AV – “Loving” (sc)


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