Mailbox: Sound of Fractures – Totes Emosh

Appropriately tongue-in-cheek title for this lovely submission from North London’s Jamie Reddington, aka Sound of Fractures, whose previous single I covered last month. Reddington describes it as one of his favorites of his own songs because it feels “so [him]” including for its wonkiness and imperfection. It’s a tough thing as an artist to strike that balance of trying to perfect one’s work, but also leaving in enough of the idiosyncrasy to assure the listener knows it was made be a real life human with real life feelings. Reddington definitely keeps this human, but it’s also plenty polished. Just a lovely track, and yeah, totes emosh.

No bandcamp for this, so catch this streaming. Or/also, check Reddington’s super-cool Scenes project, which allows listeners to generate the official artwork for each of a series of six singles (this one’s the second). Give it a try and also get to listen to the next single in the series. You can also buy the downloads through the platform if you’d like. The whole thing is really nicely executed.

Sounds of Fractures – “Totes Emosh” (sc)


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