Mailbox: Qwazdyn – Lamp

It’s the second time this week I’m covering an artist from New Zealand. This time it’s a young producer named Qwazdyn who I don’t know much else about except that they’re 18 years old. The first track they sent has some of the same loose everyday gloom I described the other day, but this time in the deceiving form of a mellow little dub roller. I’ve never been to NZ, but maybe this kind of gloom isn’t an uncommon emotional mode there? I always imagine it lush and framed by exceptional landscapes, but I expect as westernized as it is, it’s probably plenty ripe for the same afflictions as anywhere else. The other track is much more ominous — still essentially rooted in dub and 2-step, but with a lead that says the world isn’t just sick and tired, it’s fucking dying.

Both of these are available on bandcamp pay-what-you-wish, or on streaming services.

Qwazdyn – Lamp (sc)

Qwazdyn – Kownk (sc)


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