Mailbox: Aatocaster – Pendant / Exp

Aatocaster is LA-based Alex Lubeck. His latest release is this pair of bright rays of delicate electronica. According to the artist, both songs are about gratitude. “Pendant” tells of a talisman—either object, person, place, or being—that can be relied upon to save you in your moments of greatest need. However amorphous, it’s so important to have emotional and psychological backup, a support system of some sort, even if not in the form of friends and family. I shudder to think what would have happened to me in the past were it not for the support of my personal outlets, my favorite places, my people. “Exp” is meant to illustrate the result of that support — what one can then contribute to the world as a result of having survived it.

These songs are out now on bandcamp or for streaming, and will apparently be part of a larger release coming later this year.

Aatocaster – “Pendant” (sc)

Aatocaster – “Exp” (sc)


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