Magic Flowers – Beef

Springy A$AP-sampling house number from Moldovan duo Magic Flowers, who I included on Remix Sunday 161 and 158. These guys have impressive command of this strain of broad-appeal house music, and manage to churn out edit after pop edit without ever getting too saccharine or sappy. If they can keep this up, I expect them to eventually hit the right note and get some sort of mainstream breakthrough; they just have a really accessible and soulful sound, but never seem to sink too far into the muddy waters of deep house. I’m also including a slinky edit they did of that Saweetie and H.E.R. tune from a couple of years ago.

Find dozens of edits and flips of this quality level on their bandcamp, and find some slightly more cloaked versions of some of their stuff on streaming services.

Magic Flowers – “Beef” (sc)

Magic Flowers – “Angel” (sc)


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