From the Mailbox 8

Dreamy 168bpm love-song-jungle meets elegant wordplay on this superbly produced track from UK emcee and producer Felts, who I know virtually nothing about. At the risk of embarrassing myself, I’ll take a guess as to what part of the country he’s from based on accent alone, and say Sussex(?). Felts’ previous work is mostly drill, and it’s all strong, but this track is a big upgrade and fits his pseudonym much better. No bandcamp here, but grab the mp3 below, and playlist this on all the streamers.

Felts – “Bunches” (mp3)

More vocals over jazzy breakbeats north of 160bpm, this time from Gothenberg-based art pop band SYND (Swedish for “sin”). It was just another dream that didn’t come true / but I don’t really mind, I’ve gotten used to it goes the song’s refrain. I get that—and not just from a place of feeling sorry for oneself; it’s just part of getting older to recognize that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Strong stuff here, definitely worth checking the rest of the band’s catalog. (And some of their old videos are really fun). No bandcamp for this, but the band has offered up the mp3 below — streamers, go stream it wherever you stream.

SYND – “Stella” (mp3)

Rounding out the dream theme today is a nice slice of melodic breakbeat house from Stuttgart-based collaborators Dejago and Dentso. All the usual ingredients of big room sad are here, but they’re all neatly assembled to be greater than the sum of the parts. The artists have generously provided the mp3 below, but you can also grab the EP on bandcamp, and it’s of course available on all the typical streaming outlets.

Dejago & Densto – “Dream of You” (mp3)


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