From the Mailbox 13

Two excellent submissions from Dutch producer Eauki (real name Merijn Bergé). “Nectarine” is a perfect sun ray of a 2-step track; all melting icicles and evaporative cloud generation; just right on one of the first warm days of the year up here where I am. “Kinda Lovin” is a brief but contemplative hit of minimalist breakbeat; a song for preparing to make the hard choice to leave while remaining filled with affection for whatever or whomever you’re leaving. No bandcamp for these, unfortunately, but Bergé has been kind enough to let me share with you the mp3s, in case you want to play these out or include them in a mix; they’re also both available for streaming.

Eauki – “Nectarine” (mp3)

Eauki – “Kinda Lovin” (mp3)

Next up, a glowing and playful piece of emotive house music from Leeds-based Stuart Thomas, aka Mountain Range. This lands somewhere between the warm plasticity of folks like Tom VR or Two Shell, and the naturalistic, blooming quality of a a mid-era Bonobo or Hebden record. Quality stuff. No bandcamp for some reason, so no luck for any DJs out there, but streamers be streaming.

Mountain Range – TwoTwoTwo (sc)

Finally, another two solid cuts of vibrant breakbeat sent over by Bosnian-born, Arizona-raised Lore. Warm, shimmering, escapist, club melancholia like this is the new bubblegum, I’d say. Nothing wrong with some weepy bubblegum. These are both from Lore’s debut four-track self-titled EP, which you can find on bandcamp or for streaming all over. The other two tracks definitely worth checking for too.

Lore & Keenan Mathias- “Anytime (Needed You)” (sc)

Lore – “Gleam” (sc)


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