From the Mailbox 11

A lovely roller from Andalusian artist Gazzi (real name Pablo Jimenez), featuring vocals from Nidia (who I can’t find on google). “El Pedío” (which translates to “the request”) is inspired by the pedío gitano, a Romani engagement ceremony; the song aims to encapsulate some of the thrill of commitment, with all the risk and uncertainty inherent in the choice to dedicate your life to another person. Lovely stuff here. No bandcamp, but Gazzi’s label was kind enough to provide the mp3 below—-also available for streaming all over.

Gazzi – “El Pedío” ft. Nidia (mp3)

Chilling and precise acid from Dutch producer Bastian Benjamin. It’s not hard to win me over with a nice use of the 303, but this is a particularly refined and natural riff on the intersections between acid, electro, and dub techno. This is out for streaming or on bandcamp, but the artist has generously provided the mp3 below. If you play this out (or just listen to it more than a few times), please consider buying the track.

Bastian Benjamin – “Faux Pas” (mp3)

Wonderfully gentle, bubbly, and soulful 2-step on this track from Brazilian producer Rafa Mura, aka Shimizu. This is only his second release under this name, but it’s a gem. I imagine great things to come from Mura, this feels like the product of effortless talent. No bandcamp for this, unfortunately, so I’m not sure what to suggest if you’re a DJ who wants to play this out, but you can stream it as much as you’d like.

Shimizu – “TakeAMoment” (sc)


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