Mumdance – Jazz Excursion

Somewhere in the middle of last year, in preparation for his imminent return to music after four years away, and in recognition of his third year clean and sober, Jack Adams shared a methodically prepared archive of over 315 hours of his previous work–mixes, productions, and other work. Then, at the end of the year, he released two new songs. This is the B-side from his triumphant return record. Really happy for this guy.

This year, he hasn’t released any new discrete productions that I’m aware of, but he did put out a cassette mixtape that marries the use of a pair of decks and his modular system–using prototype synchronization hardware presumably built by ALM Busy Circuits–as part of that company’s ten year anniversary celebrations. I hope we get to hear more from him soon.

Grab it on bandcamp or stream it all over.

Mumdance – “Jazz Excursion” (sc)


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